Sunday, 1 March 2009

Never again...

Felt the first kiss from Spring this afternoon and it tasted delicious, drinking coffee over looking the Dee Estuary (wildlifeys, take note, it is a must do for you lot). Parkgate, Wirral... used to be the last port before Chester, then the estuary silted up and now it's not (a port, that is). There is a fantastic chip shop there btw. Yep, it was all very lovely.

So, went to my friends birthday do last night, in a terraced cottage with a log fire, next door to a mentally unbalanced man who thinks he's a ww2 fighter pilot-I've heard him through the walls during the wee hours, oh yes, and the amount of times I've laid there, wide awake, willing him to crash his fucking plane...

Haven't seen her in a while; she soon brings me up to speed on the rich Greek property developer that brings her wood, no, this isn't a euphemism for a new lover, he is, genuinely fetching fuel for her fire, oh, here we go, 'Ooh Matron' and all that.

To continue, there's a rich man clearly 'taken' with my friend; he introduced himself (to her) thus: "You are Landscaper, I may need perhaps sometime, I bring you wood.... so, err, here is my card, if you need anything, if you ever *frustrated* (uses name), you call me". She couldn't believe her ears, if that isn't direct, I don't know what is!

Anyway, my hangover is large.

Kind of, having difficulty getting this Rene and Renata song of my head somehow, poor quality notwithstanding......but, to paraphrase: "the reddest rose I always bring you, the hardest wood I long to give you"...

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