Monday, 9 February 2009

Boo hiss...

Hi, my names Lisa and I'm on the wrong course. I'm paying for the wrong course to boot.

After much umming and ahhing, decided, wrongly, to opt for the FD. I'm in a bit of a pickle, frankly. Vomitments (that's a typo, but I'm liking it, meant to say "commitments", clearly) outside of college are meaning I don't get so much time to snap, well, apart from mentally, mental snapping occurs almost daily.

Spoken to the relevant tutors about moving to the 2nd yr BA in Sept, and, this is doable, but, I'm thinking now, that perhaps I should apply for the 1st yr BA instead, is this doable, anyone? Largely, cos I feel I'm not gaining any valuable progression in photography on the FD, and feel like it's going to be a year wasted in terms of photographic development.


  1. Alan Kent is the man to speak to. He runs the 1st year BA course. I know BA Wildlife photographers who have swapped over during the 1st year, albeit a little earlier than this.

    It's worth an ask at least.

  2. Yeah, I will do. Concerned about funding issues more, y'know, doing another first year etc...