Sunday, 8 February 2009

Shame really, that's life, death...

Ok, Lux Interior is dead. Not his real name clearly. Front man with the garage punk band The Cramps.

We're doing well this month, we lost the genius guitar playing of John Martyn the week before last (which was Jan, granted, but a small detail). He followed the departure of Davy Graham, folk guru.

Lemme see who else, oh yes, haven't quite got over Postgate. I was lucky enough to attend a talk by him about 10 years ago in Manchester - how to make a grown woman cry: unzip a hold-all, extract a couple of original mice, a solitary Clanger, Prof Yaffle and Bagpuss, whilst speaking to her in the comforting, seductive tones of Oliver Postgate. Goosebumps now, not joking.

Harold Pinter, Tony Hart, Kathy Staff (Norah Batty), all a big part of my childhood, not so much Pinter - I working class girl, innit.

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