Sunday, 22 February 2009

Wine fuelled rhetoric, possibly...

Ok, well, I've lept from 'the wagon' with brazen abandon...Bollocks.

Want to tell you about the three legged cat I've met. Named him Tripod. Tripod is a cat with 3 legs (clearly). Tripod hangs out thereabouts. Tripod affectionatley climbs up your body, then, insists on clinging to you like a Koala Bear up a Eucalyptus tree; he dribbles, his deep purr resonates and his plump jowels vibrate as you stroke him. I'm talking a fair (not fur) bit of cat, even minus the leg. He weighs a ton. He's lovely.

The other day he cocked his head to one side in anticipation that the missing leg, and, subsequent paw should engage in the ritual of scratching the back of his ear . His 'stump' vibrated, going through the motions, bless. Tripod was attempting to scratch the back of his ear with his non-existant limb. I shouldn't laugh, but did frankly, and, spat coffee to boot. Then went over and scratched the back of his ear for him, thus relieving him of his itch.

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