Sunday, 22 February 2009

I am...

Avoiding Twitter. Wide-berthing it in a big stylee.

I cancelled my Twitter account about 10 months ago (Yes, a twitter quitter). 3:12am? is that the time, really? You get the picture. Thought to myself, trundling into the wee hours, alone, exchanging 'tweets' with strangers on a glowing agraphobia inducing screen, "yep, this IS normal" so I terminated it. 

Josh Marino: "Typing what I'm thinking to everyone reading". Sorry, to me Twitter is old hat. I'll give it 2 years (generously) before we move on to the next....

So, as myspace was the new friends reunited and facebook was the new myspace, Twitter now stands to be the new facebook, where does it end? Twitterland in my experience is full of geeks; self-taught web nerds, exchanging in-house bitching about technical specs and slagging off microsoft. Their pages offer links to their websites and/or blogs. It should be called Twatter, not Twitter for that matter. I just don't need another thing to keep me in the house, y'know, it's nice to go out.

Infact, twitter will no doubt be suffering from mindless idiot overload since the recent media hype. At least, two years ago, there was little compromise in intelligence, geek or no geek. Meh.

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