Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Jed, (un)Clampit...

Right. I'm going to do the gracious thing and apologise to the security guard for swearing at him last night.

No. He did ask for it. It's late, it's cold, I've been in college for 9 hours, there's a big yellow metal clamp on my wheel, it's starting to snow, I don't have my coat, he has the key for the clamp... was he being deliberately obtuse? abusing his position of power, refusing to unlock it. Twat. Furthermore, he wouldn't listen to a word I said about anything, oh y'know, the shit just escalated from there on in really.

Oh, and, apparently first yr students are now eligible to apply for a parking permit for the car park, well, thanks for telling me that now.

2008 prospectus offers in B&W, parking facilities at the campus. Sept 2008 I'm informed I'm not eligible to not only use the car park, but can't even apply for a permit because I am in the first year. Genius! Who else, if not prospective first years, is the prospectus aimed at? That'll be described as false advertising, I'll wager.

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